Club Repair

Green fees, clubs, lessons. The game of golf can be an expensive investment. At Golf Tour Trailer Studios you can take advantage of expert repair and modification of your existing equipment and save the cost of new clubs.

Buying a new set of golf clubs can be expensive and may not be needed. The part of the clubs that gets the most wear is usually the grips. By simply replacing the grips, you can significantly increase the lifespan of your set.

Club repair job

Without properly installed golf grips, a golfer cannot perform a consistent golf swing. There are many types of golf grips and grip materials, including leather and rubber compounds. Golf grips can affect the swingweight of the golf club, so golfers need to be aware of changes in grip weight. By ensuring that golf grips are changed on a regular basis, golfers can set themselves up for success on the course.

Golf Tour Trailer Studios focuses on finding the best solution for their golfer clients. They spend time with each golfer to review their requested repair. They want to understand what is working / not working about the equipment and what the desired result is. They will work to maximize any repair to align with the golfer’s budget.

Golf Tour Trailer works to deliver a great result that is also economical. And because Golf Tour Trailer uses the latest technology in game improvement, you can be confident your reconditioned equipment will maximize your game potential.

When do Clubs Need Repairs?

There are two ways to tell when you need to re-grip your clubs – if your grips look worn or if they are slippery. You should replace your grips about once a year, depending on how often you play and the conditions in which you play and store your clubs. If you don’t use a glove, you might have to change your grips more often than the recommended time frame.

Annual tune-ups of your clubs prepares you for a great golf season. Golf Tour Trailer has an extensive selection of grips, shafts and club heads that will allow you quickly bring your clubs up to the state of the art. And the repair and fitting technicians at Golf Tour Trailer are the best in the business.

Whether you visit the Golf Tour Trailer Studio location, or catch a Golf Tour Trailer and Performance Studios Mobile Studio event, you will find a complete stock of grip, shaft, and club head options to meet your needs. Once Golf Tour Trailer has determined the best fit for your swing and game, your team of experienced repair technicians will tailor clubs to your specific needs.

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