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Top 100 best clubfitters awardBy its very nature the game of golf is an investment. An investment that most golfers take seriously. The goal resoundingly is to shave strokes off the game, and with many golfers their equipment is the only thing standing between mediocre golf and a scorecard to be proud of.

Custom club and fitting services from Golf Tour Trailer are proven to provide a return on your investment. Golf Tour Trailer provides extensive hands-on interaction with the golfer during the fitting session that includes swing and hitting analysis by the staff and with computerized diagnostic tools.

Custom club fitting session

Golf Digest, Golf World, the Golf Channel and even the PGA Tour™ have recognized Golf Tour Trailer as an innovative leader in custom fittings. In fact, Golf Tour Trailer is rated as one of America’s 100 Best Club-fitters by Golf Digest and is also home to two of only 30 Titleist Advanced Fitters and facilities in the country.

The pros at Golf Tour Trailer’s goal is to understand the person, their desires for their game and their swing mechanics so that they can fit them with the best solutions. And it’s not always a matter of brand new equipment, in fact, Golf Tour Trailer often recommends the golfer recondition or upgrade their existing equipment rather than replace them with new clubs. Golf Tour Trailer commits a large block of time to every fitting session… they do not rush… they are committed to learning about the golfer and helping them find the best solutions.

No matter your skill level, you want to play better golf. Custom fitting is no longer a specialty service reserved only for tour players. Ninety percent of amateur golfers play with the wrong equipment. In many cases, golfers can develop poor fundamental habits to compensate for inferior equipment. Custom fitting can have a dramatic effect on your game.

Custom driver fitting

Any golf pro will tell you it is easier to create good golf habits from the start than having to correct them after years of improper play. That’s why Golf Tour Trailer is ideal for amateurs and those new to the game. Get started with the right equipment and the right advice.

The staff at Golf Tour Trailer are skilled club fitters and club builders and are passionate about providing the highest level of customer service and a commitment to improving your game. You will receive personalized attention from initial interview through product delivery.

Our Fitting Process

Interview: Your personal Golf Tour Trailer expert will ask you about your game and goals.

Static Analysis: Your current clubs will be measured to determine suitability to your swing (i.e. length, loft and lie, flex and frequency, shaft type and weight, and grip).

Dynamic Analysis: Using launch monitors and other cutting edge technology together with observation of your swing and ball flight, the suitability will be determined of your golf clubs to your swing. Observation of ball flight is the foundation of the fitting process. We are able to observe ball flight because Golf Tour Trailer Studios are located on the golf range. YOU WILL NOT BE HITTING INTO A NET.

Club Testing: After determination of your specifications, fitting systems provided by the sponsoring manufacturers will be used to choose clubs that are suitable to your swing. You will have the unique opportunity to compare performance of these fitting clubs to one another and to your clubs on the range. You will gain an understanding of how your equipment affects your enjoyment of the game.

Review and Recommendations: Golf Tour Trailer will review your fitting (you will receive a written copy of your specifications) and make recommendations regarding your equipment.

These recommendations may include the following:

  • Changes in set make-up
  • Possible adjustment of current clubs (i.e. lie, length, grip changes, reshafts – we are dealers for Fujikura, Accra, True Temper, KBS, and many others)
  • Possible new club purchases.
  • A copy of your specifications will be provided and placed on file for 5 years.
Club fitting session

Our Experts and Rates

Rates our based on the amount of time spent with each customer and the experience of the fitter. All fitters are fully trained and highly skilled. Master Fitters have at least ten years of experience.

Master Fitters ($150.00 per hour):

Owner Jerry Donahue, PGA has received numerous honors including recognition by Titleist, Cobra, Mizuno, TaylorMade, and Tour Edge. He was recently named Ping Fitter of the Year and as a top 30 Advanced Titleist Fitters.

Professional Fitters ($125.00 per hour):

Please use the following guidelines to determine the amount of time you should reserve for your fitting.

Iron Fitting: One hour for an iron fitting. An iron fitting normally includes fitting of irons, wedges, and hybrids. The reservation of one hour allows sufficient time for a full analysis and for extensive testing of recommended clubs from our fitting systems.

Wood Fitting: One hour for a wood fitting. A wood fitting normally includes driver and fairway woods. The reservation of one hour allows sufficient time for full analysis and for extensive testing of recommended clubs from our fitting systems.

Putter Fitting: One half hour for a putter fitting. The reservation of a half hour allows sufficient time for a full analysis and for testing of our fitting putters.

Additional Considerations

Don’t be pennywise and pound foolish. Schedule enough time to achieve your objectives. You will rarely have the opportunity to test the variety of manufacturer’s clubs offered at Golf Tour Trailer Studios. Allow enough time to comprehensively test the clubs from our fitting systems.

If you are intending to schedule a session that lasts more than one hour, keep in mind that you will hit balls during most of the session. If you don’t have the stamina to hit balls for more than an hour, consider scheduling more than one session on different days.

You can also visit:

1757 Golf Fitting Studio, Developed by Golf Tour Trailer
45120 Waxpool Road
Dulles, Virginia 20166

A perfect drive. Ideal short iron shot and on the green in regulation. And then a double bogey.

We all realize the importance of putting. You have never seen a professional player pumping fists after a good drive, but every so often they become ecstatic after a putt that finds the hole. Putting makes them experience the moment.

A putter fitting session

Golfers often spend most of their time working on their drive clubs, but putting is 35-40% of the game of golf. Golf Tour Trailer Studios offers putter fittings to improve this critical segment of a golfer’s game.

Golf Tour Trailer Studios also offer putter instruction, putter performance training and have a top-flight chipping and putting practice area. And as with all Golf Tour Trailer Studios improvement programs, your game will be improved by the latest proven technology.


The Optimal Motion Instructor!

Our professional fitters use Tomi™, a cutting edge system that captures the critical parameters that enable Golf Tour Trailer pros to thoroughly evaluate the customer’s putting stroke. The evaluation of the 8 essential elements of putting provide map to a better game on the green. Golf Tour Trailer fitters use this information to recommend the putter that precisely fits.

TOMI put analysis

Tomi™ was developed by professional instructor Marius Filmalter, a pre-eminent authority on the mechanics and psychology of golf. Marius has helped to instruct golfers on the PGA, Champions and LPGA tours, and has personally studied over 43,000 strokes in his career. The Tomi™ system has even been used by Tiger Woods.

Marius Filmalter, best summarizes the technology:

“If you want to become a better putter, first of all, you must know what you are doing. Once that is established, you can find a way to where you want to be. This is a simple principal of life. Most of us know what we are supposed to do but lack the feedback to determine where we are. Tomi provides accurate and scientific feedback of where you are and monitors your journey to where you want to be. In other words, Tomi serves as a mirror, in real time. How? By utilizing technology to provide affordable feedback.”

What Tomi™ Captures

  • Alignment at address
  • Alignment at Impact
  • Path at Impact
  • Stroke Path and Rotation
  • Shaft Angle at Impact
  • Impact Spot
  • Speed at Impact
  • Stroke Tempo

Tomi™ is more than just a mechanical aid; it is a psychological aid. By measuring the most vital aspects of putting – even those invisible to the naked eye – Tomi™ constructs a trustworthy and repeatable stroke. In time, students won’t be putting with improvement – they’ll be putting with perfection.

You can also visit:

1757 Golf Fitting Studio, Developed by Golf Tour Trailer
45120 Waxpool Road
Dulles, Virginia 20166

Game Improvement Center
2014 Demo Days Schedule

Starting in May, every Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 5pm, will be demo day with educated tech reps and manufacturer representatives on site. Check back for an updated schedule.

For more information or to schedule a personal fitting appointment with Manufacturer Representatives please call the Game Improvement Center at 540-349-9761.


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