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Golf Lessons in Waterford, VA at Golf Tour Trailer!


Over the years we've provided top quality golf lessons to Waterford, VA residents of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or a touring professional, we guarantee that training with us will improve your game. As you know, not much in life (i.e., golf) is guaranteed, so don't miss out on this guaranteed improvement offer!

The best golf lessons for Waterford, VA residents!


Our golf lesson facility is located within easy driving distance of Waterford. Our facility offers a fantastic driving range, custom club fitting, club repair, golf lessons, and in-depth game training at the Game Improvement Center where we coach you in the game, strategy, and how to compete to win!


We utilize the most advanced training technology to help make big improvements in your game - in less time. With FlightScope, an advanced tool based on Doppler radar technology, we can ensure the perfect club fit for your size and swing by analyzing ball flight right on the range! When it's time to review your short game we might use TOMI, an advanced tool which will analyze every aspect of your stroke and let us quickly identify the issues that are keeping you from perfect putting.

FlightScope is part of the Golf Lessons in Waterford, VA


Lessons are available from our two on-site PGA professionals, Jerry Donahue, PGA, and Mike Farewell, PGA.

Top 100 best clubfitters award

Jerry Donahue, PGA is the owner of Golf Tour Trailer where they have been recognized as one of the top 100 Clubfitters in America by Golf Digest. They have also been featured in several golf publications including Golf Magazine, Golf World, Golf Digest, and have been on the Golf Channel.

Jerry has 25 years of fitting and instruction experience, including working with touring professionals from the PGA Champions and LPGA Tours. Jerry has dedicated his career to professional club fitting and instruction, always offering guaranteed improvement.

Mike Farewell, PGA is the new General Manager of the Game Improvement Center. Mike has been a professional at numerous courses in the area, including Evergreen Country Club, Lansdowne Resort, Prince William Golf Club, Fairfax National Golf Club, and most recently at Bowling Green Country Club. Mike's playing talents have yielded an impressive 18 victories in Middle Atlantic PGA tournaments! Beyond just an impressive resume, Mike is a very skilled and experienced teacher who's sure to be able to make big improvements your game.


You can't go wrong with the trainers at Golf Tour Trailer! So come in and check us out, or give us a call and schedule an appointment for a fitting or lesson. Remember, we guarantee improvement in every one of our students! So with nothing to lose, there's no reason not to get in touch with us! Call 540-349-9761 for more information about golf lessons in Waterford, VA.

If you'd rather just stop by to check us out and maybe hit a bucket of balls, come see us at 5020 Lee Highway in Warrenton, VA. We're open daily from 9 am to dark!

Golf Tour Trailer driving range for Waterford residents
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